I imagine that there might be some questions about working at Butman. Let me try to anticipate and answer some of those for you!

What will I be doing? 

That’s an excellent question! The answer is: it depends. Depending on what area of the camp that you are working in will dictate what you’re doing. Click here to see some of the job descriptions.

Will I interact with the campers? 

Again, the answer is it depends on the position. We are not a live-in style camp, meaning that our staff does not stay in with the campers throughout the weeks. You will have plenty of interaction with the kids outside of sleeping arrangements, though!


When do I need to get here, and when will I be finished? 

Our first camp day is usually early in June, however our training is the week before that. We will post specific dates the close we get to summer.

The last day of summer camp is the second week of August, and for the most part that will be the last official day of summer camp work. We will have a big cookout and throw a party to celebrate!

How much money will I get paid? 

Yes, we are a camp that pays it’s staff! This again depends upon the position that you will be working in. For specific questions on pay, ask one of our staff members through the contact form.

What about housing?

As was mentioned above, we do have on-site housing for some of our staff. The maintenance staff and program interns are required to live in our housing for the summer, and we will accept as many of our hospitality staff as we possibly can. There will be separate guys and girls housing. It’s not glamorous, but it’s super fun!

If we didn’t get your questions answered, please shoot us an e-mail!