Camp Culture

A summer at Butman Camp is an experience!

Jesus Christ is the reason that we do everything. He is the reason Why we have guests, Why we do ropes course, Why we serve meals, Why we mow grass.

My summer at Butman Camp allowed me to let go of all negatives and allow my relationship with God to grow.” – Former summer staff member Ashley

With a focus on Jesus, we are able to create a culture here that is very special. We understand the importance of viewing What we do and How we do it through the filter of Jesus, and it makes even the most mundane task seem like the most important.

Cansas Smiling

One way that we translate Jesus through to our guests is through the fun that we are allowed to have on the job! From pirate costumes on the ropes course, to fun and creative games that we play with the kids, to dance-offs in the kitchen, we realize that life is too short to not have fun at work!

God revealed Himself to me through interacting with the groups, and especially through the hearts of children. – Former summer staff member Tanner

We also take the love of Jesus very seriously, with a goal of growing and loving each one of our staff so that at the end of the summer our staff leaves here more refreshed and alive than when they came. We do this through weekly guys and girls discipleship groups, as well as the freedom to minister whenever the Spirit is moving.


If you want to join a special team that wants to extend the Kingdom of Jesus, contact us!



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